10 Tips for the BEST Senior Photos EVER

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It seems like every year Senior photos get more and more serious and to be honest...I love it! When I graduated, Senior photos were a big deal but they were the cheesy Glamour Shots style that were in studio and definitely didn't reflect any individuality. To help you plan your Senior photo shoot, I've come up with 10 ways to have the BEST Senior session ever! Read on and don't forget to Pin this post so once you actually take your photos you can come back to these tips!

1. Make a day out of it! One of the best things you can do for yourself is to commit a full day to your photos - live it up! If you're in the Longview area, come to The Dollhouse and get the full hair and makeup treatment before your photos. 

2. Bring your pets! I LOVE taking photos with pets, it's so fun and it really brings so much joy into your photos because no one is happier than when they're with they're best friend, right?

3. Take photos with your bestie! You and your best friend (or two!) can book sessions back to back and I'll even take some photos of you both together. What's better than you and your best friend dolled up and taking photos that you can cherish forever?!

4. Get creative with your location! PLEASE don't take your photos in a plain studio (unless your photographer has it styled and that's the look you're going for) - get outside! One of my favorite parts about Longview is the incredible wisteria we have when it's in full bloom. There's a small window so if you want wisteria, make sure to book ASAP. You can also go to a cool record shop, the zoo, an arcade or be like Kayla and take your photos at the FAIR! Be whimsical, be fun and be yourself!

5. Wear something you're comfortable in! Yes, a super trendy outfit looks great in photos but it's much more important to wear something you love and feel comfortable with. If you're uncomfortable, it will show in every photo. Pick something fun and cute that still looks like something you would actually wear on a daily basis!

6. Think outside the box! Your photos don't have to be typical or look like anyone else's - want super avant garde photos? Do it! Hate graduation cap and gowns? Leave them at home. There are no rules, just be yourself.

7. Shoot in the golden hour! This seriously cannot be emphasized enough. I almost exclusively shoot in the golden hour, and for good reason - it's the MOST flattering light on every single skin tone, you don't have to worry about squinting in your photos and you end up with fantastic, glowy images. Not sure when the golden hour is? It's about an hour before the sun goes down - you can always google it if you're not sure!

8. Use props tastefully! My best friend has a senior photo of her and about 20 purses because she "collected" them at the time. As hilarious as this photo is, please don't do this! If you want props, choose 1-2 that really represent who you are. I love this photo of Londyn and her violin because it's a crucial part of who she is and it looks natural. 

9. Look up some poses online....but don't freak out over them! Now that Pinterest exists, it's easy to get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing. Look up a few great photos and poses to bring with you or have on your phone but don't feel like EVERY photo needs to be perfectly posed. Be yourself, have a few poses ready and the rest will come naturally.

10. Choose a photographer who will be willing to bring your vision to life! This isn't meant to be braggy, but not all photographers are created equal! Make sure to scope out their portfolio and if their images look like something that fits with the look you want, then contact them!

Hopefully these tips helped you out! Don't forget to Pin this post so you have some great ideas for your Senior photos once you're ready to take them.

I'm currently booking 2016 Seniors and spots are already filling up! My dear partner in crime and makeup artist, Molly of Dollface Makeup Artistry won't be available late spring of 2016 so if you want the full Dollhouse treatment make sure to book as soon as possible to secure your spot! 

Keep Dreamin'!


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